Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" performed by Sarah McLachlan on iTunes. The meeting with the accountant is behind me. Whew. As Bill so accurately pointed out in a comment some days ago, it WILL take me weeks to get all the year's financial data entered. For yesterday I had one of the two business checking accounts entered and reconciled and the statements for most everything else printed out. It was enough for her to tell me to get ready to pay taxes through the nose in April. But that's good, right? It means my business had a really good year and I'm doing my part to support the economy, keep money flowing, and contribute to a 10 million dollar bonus for the CEO of Merrill Lynch. Well two out of three ain't bad.

Today is the first open studio day and I am excited. Got to remember to go over and turn the heat on about noon--don't want to make studentsicles. While I'm there I'll check my stock for the two glasses I want to play with for Christmas gifts. I was really panicked when I found out Bullseye was discontinuing one of them, but I got an email from them yesterday and they have replaced it with a new reactive glass coming out in January. In fact I heard yesterday that they have several reactives coming out including a reactive clear! I can't WAIT to get my hands on some of that.

Todd called last night and demanded more glass to wrap. He is on a roll and the latest work is big necklaces like he one he made me to wear to the show on Saturday. Speaking of the show Mary sent me more pics and I feel just jolly enough this morning to post them. The necklace doesn't show too well in the pics, but you can get a feel for it.

Now I need to get the list of pieces for the Atlanta and Dallas shows done and faxed to Bill, and to put the finishing touches on the new display layout for them. The biggest issue is now making sure I can get everything in the minivan. Ho boy.


Bill said...

Well, there's IN the minivan, and then there's ON the minivan. The sky's the limit!

Oh, and how is David handling cold weather, this year? Getting chilled more easily?

Dee said...

well i just can't get used to the idea that dave's gorgeous long hair is no more!

Dee said...

well, ask the accountant about an ira contribution since you have all this moola that sure as hell shouldn't be going to friggin' corp bonuses ;P