Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello Monday

Coffee in the Washington D.C. skyline mug, "Mistletoe and Holly" sung by Frank Sinatra on iTunes. The morning--and the week--began as all mornings and weeks do with snuggling followed by nurturing. Now Dave and J have left for work and school, the fishtank has been cleaned and the fish fed, the ferret is fed and watered, the dogs have been petted and out (and Baxter is now glued to the window watching the squirrels). It is so good to be at a place in life where I don't dread Mondays! Not that it won't be very busy...

No open studio today, but Becky is coming this afternoon to see how I'm doing it so she can run Wednesday's session until I get back from Greenville. Bill E. is building the back display wall for my booth for Atlanta including making special metal brackets to hold the wooden frames so I am heading up there for the day Wednesday to put it together and bring it back.

The show crunch is looming. I signed up (at Dee's utzing) for the Rosen postcard mailing program--which means I need a postcard designed and ordered, which means I need photos of Todd's work. No rest for the wicked. I'll see Todd tomorrow and get ornaments and jewelry from him and whip out some pics.

Also to get done today is the last of the exhibition services paperwork for Dallas. Got everything in to Atlanta Friday, now I just need arrangements for Dallas (electricity and walls for the booth, a hotel room, etc.).

Another rash of orders came in last week that need to be shipped by Wednesday (when I get the metal pieces from Bill E. at Black Cat ArtWorks). I'll fire it today and the few glass Christmas presents I'm making.

Now the day is screaming my name, time to get on with it.


Bill said...

I'm glad you're still getting orders for this year.

Brenda Griffith said...

I have mixed emotions about it. I would tell you why, but someone who shall not be named who never reads the comments to posts might just now and then the secret would be out. (Was I obscure enough?)