Sunday, July 23, 2017

Winding Down the Time In the Hospital

Though I haven't been posting every day, I am going to give my self a pass as I have been catch-up posting. If a kidney stone doesn't get you a free pass for something I don't know what would. Anyway Day three in a hospital is likely to be a boring day so this will be short post!

Because I wasn't having too much pain, I passed on the Dilaudid and spent most of the day dozing. Everything went fine until about 4:00 when I awoke trembling, upset, in pain, having trouble breathing, and starting to cry. What woke me was the tech coming in to check my vitals, and things got hopping when they hit my blood pressure: 177/116. They figured I was having a panic attack and gave me both Dilaudid and .5 mg of Ativan. After awhile I relaxed, and stopped crying. The rest of the night they didn't much disturb me and I slept as solidly as I could.

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Bill said...

Oh, yeah. Kidney stone, all the way.