Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Day Of Pain

Today was torture--and not just because I spent over two hours dealing with CenturyLink screwing up our Internet service. We are left tonight with service so slow there is no way we could watch anything, and the 25Mbs service won't be turned on until Friday. *sigh* I just don't have the heart to call again to tell them they didn't set our service back to what it was--they dropped it even lower.

As if dealing with a telephone/Internet company wasn't bad enough (46 minutes on *one* call!), I also spent an hour and a half at the dentist getting one new crown put on and being fitted for another one. This time the dentist did not manage to numb me all the way--even after three hefty shots of novocaine--and it hurst much more tonight than it did after the first one was fitted.

Icing on the cake is that I still do the zombie shuffle when I walk as my ankles and knees are still in major pain from yesterday--everyone else is recovered. Sure, I'm hte oldest, but I need to get back into shape! For the rest of the night--which admittedly isn't very much--I'm going to chill and read my book. I wish we had a big deep soaking tub here--or a hot tub--but I'll just have to settle for a hot shower. Naw, that doesn't sound appealing at all.

Tomorrow off to Philipsburg to mine for sapphires!

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Bill said...

I feel your pain. May the dental work rapidly stabilize!