Saturday, July 29, 2017

My Last Night Alone

I started today with a long ranting post about the evils of technology and how all you had to do was touch one thing and the whole house of dominos would come crashing down (iOS upgrade, OS upgrade, adding cable to our internet service, oy). But life is too short. It'll all work out because it will, and I just need to move on.

Instead, the big focus of the day is on my spouse who is currently in Colorado, wending his way back to us with pets in tow. Actually he has wood and woodworking tools (and lots of fiber stuff) in tow, and the pets are in the car with him. Jessie and I cleaned and prepared today for the Great Arrival, and we will finish up in the morning when it's still cool out. It was 105 degrees today and according to the weather service it felt like 106. That's just not civilized.

Speaking of the spouse, he just called to let me know they had arrived at the motel in Colorado. He sounded... frazzled is a polite way to put it. After an experience normally only found in the sixth circle of hell or above--aka getting all the pets transferred from the car to the motel--they are all locked in the room for the night. Pavlova spent most of the day crying in her carrier--and the last few hours yowling--so I am guessing Dave's nerves are shot. The pets are lucky they weren't shot. One more day on the road, and they will all be back in the bosom of the family. That's me.

Now it's also time for me to tuck in. Tomorrow night can't come soon enough for me--safe travels spouse!

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Bill said...

I can only imagine what it would be like for us to travel with the entire menagerie, chickens and donkey and horses on top of the feline and canine population. Good grief!