Friday, July 28, 2017

Leaving Montana

I debated whether to blog or knit as I chat with Spectrum tech support, and blogging won. Jessie and I had just started watching Chicken Run (for the 900 millionth time), and the network went out. A reboot of the modem didn't work so now I do the chat on-line thing using my phone as a hotspot. And now, for no explicable reason, it's on! The chickens are organizing again!

Today I communed with my garden for three hours as I watered every single plant. It was soooo satisfying! On the top of the country, the day was far less peaceful. Dave--with much help from my Uncle Ed and Aunt Susan--packed up everything that needs to come from Montana back to Austin. They unloaded the trailer full of my parents' belongings that were stored in the lake property and moved down to the Polson house, and then Ed and Susan went to the lumber mill with the minivan and the trailer, and Daylen (the mill owner) cut down my slabs and the other lumber I needed for my bed project and had it all loaded into the trailer. The whipped cream on the top of my sundae came when I got a call from the freight company that they were delivering my last two pieces of woodworking equipment to the house just in time for it to be loaded into the trailer.

12 ft blue pine slabs for bed before they were cut down to 8 ft
Now it's all loaded and Dave and the animals are all resting (I hope) to be ready for the road tomorrow. Dave thinks it will be an easier drive than it was for him in the Mini Cooper on the way up (the Honda is nice to drive and has satellite radio). I am just hoping with all my heart that he and all the animals arrive here all safe 47 hours from now.

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Bill said...

He will persevere!