Saturday, July 15, 2017


It doesn't feel like Saturday. We took Kyla to the airport in Missoula to head back to Atlanta today and I had my usual joyful experience with TSA accompanying her to the gate. Two discussions with the TSA supervisor, a VERY thorough groin pat down front and back followed by a comprehensive residue test both on my hands (front and back) and on the the gloves of the agent who patted me down (also both front and back). But my cavities weren't searched, and I did not lose my calm so I guess I can count it as a win.

I did spin today--I plied 582 yds and then wound it on a swift. After I took it off the swift I checked the twist (to make sure it was balanced) and it was; it hung in a perfect loop, not twisting back on itself at all. So I soaked it in hot water for a couple of minutes and then took it out and thwacked it a bit to set the twist. Tomorrow, when it's dry, I'll weigh it (to see how many yds/oz I get so I can make sure I have enough for the coat I'm going to knit), and then I'll knit a swatch for gauge for the coat. I am very eager to start knitting again. I am still bummed that I can't find the lavender cotton sweater I was knitting earlier this spring.

Spinning (and Dave's excellent pesto chicken for dinner along with Steve Adler's company) were the only good parts of the day. I already gird my loins for the contractor issues in Austin next week, and the DSL here (which was just upgraded to 25 Mgbs) tested out at 1.7 Mgbs download speed tonight. I checked because we kept timing out on Deadwood again. We finally gave up on watching.

It's too early to go to bed so I'll either read, work on the bed cutting list, or practice piano when I'm done posting. Or maybe I'll go clean the kitchen. Here's hoping tomorrow is a less blah day.


Bill said...

Is Dave able to do his work at those speeds?

Brenda Griffith said...

Yeah, he only had one day when he had to decamp to a coffee shop due to bandwidth.

Bill said...

That's a relief.