Monday, July 03, 2017

Baby Driver

We saw the new Edgar Wright film "Baby Driver" tonight and loved it! It was set and filmed in Atlanta, and I only have one criticism of the film: There were too many white people in it. Atlanta is a city with a 38% white and 54% black population. It was weird to have the postal workers, the construction workers,  police officers, security guards, and the average people on the street overwhelmingly white. It really struck me as wrong. We lived there for 13 years and moved there from a city with an 8% black population (Austin). When we first moved I was struck by the large black population. Then we moved back to Austin and I couldn't help but think, where are all the black people? But there is a much larger latino population in Austin so it doesn't seem so white-bread as, say Missoula Montana where I grew up. It is 94% white. I loved the diversity when I moved to Chicago from Montana. Chicago is a very balanced city--at least as far as black, white and latino at 33%,  32% and 29% respectively.

Now we're home and getting ready to retire for the evening. I'm ready. I still feel a bit meh from yesterday--though I did find out from my uncle today that my great aunt Annabelle (Gramma Jessie's sister) sold John Dillinger his last driver's license.

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Bill said...

It's good to know that Dillinger adhered to the law.