Thursday, July 20, 2017


It's so quiet here. And there are millions of frogs. The frogs aren't in the house, they're in the pond which is in the botanical garden so I don't hear them making their little froggy noises. J and I are back in Austin for a few days. The housesitter has been taking great care of the house, and Deven and Zaga have been on top of the gardens, pond and bees. Everything is doing just great. I don't need to be here.

It's disorienting to be here in the middle of summer. Summer is for Montana. I love it here normally, but right now I don't feel at home. There are no dogs, there are no cats, there is no spouse. But J and I will get things done, I'll make some shirts for Dave, and make progress on knitting my sweater coat--I may even bring my Firefly (small electric spinning wheel) back to Polson with me. It has a cigarette lighter adapter so I can spin in the car... Hey, It's going to be a long drive back in August.

Jessie got her braces off today and she looks 2-3 years older to me. I look at her now and I can see her in college. We have had some real quality time together over the past two days. We have talked a lot, and we watched Tangled together tonight. Great mother-daughter time. Tomorrow I think we'll go get pedicures (that child needs to learn to cut her own toenails).

Now it's late and I have to get up early to make shirts. Time to go to bed.

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Bill said...

Poor dogs, romping through Montana without their pack leader...