Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Blues

Adverbs are my favorite descriptor, but adjectives come in very handy when describing days. There are long days, hard days, dark days, great days, sunny days--the list is is inexhaustible. Today was a difficult day. I took the trailer to the lake and filled it with the first big load of my parents'--mostly my Dad's--things. I did pick up a some of Mom's fabric and the kitchen utensils from the lake cabin that Ed and Susan don't want, but it felt like most of the load was everything from Dad's life. There were two boxes of ski maintenance equipment including old irons for waxing the bottom of the skis and files for sharpening the edges. There were boxes of maps, notes, entomology books, and tax returns going back to 1983 (okay, I picked those up in my last load, but they fill out the feeling of the rest of the things I loaded so I added them in). Everything I loaded today was stuff they had stored, not things from their daily lives. And almost all of it will go to the second hand store benefitting the animal shelter or to the dump. There are a few things worth selling, and fewer still that I will keep. I am left feeling like I am wiping all trace of him away.

It will be an early night tonight as we're leaving the house at 6:00 am for Glacier tomorrow morning so I'm not going to go on. I'm feeling melancholy and sad, and I think I'll just go to bed.

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Bill said...

I've been there, recently. Hugs...