Tuesday, February 07, 2017

One More Day

I sit on the sectional with my laptop precariously perched on my left knee and the armrest. Normally I would have it, well, on my lap, it being a laptop and all. But right now I have two cats in my lap. This situation might not last long as the big one is licking the little one's head and she is sure to lose patience with him soon and draw blood. I just hope it's not mine. At least her ears will be clean.

The U-Haul is empty. I haven't returned it yet--I'll do that tomorrow. There is still a good amount of stuff in the driveway that needs to be moved into the studio proper, but I have faith that by the end of the day tomorrow, all will be sorted. I have three guys helping me again tomorrow, and they are going to start unloading the cases, standing them up and refilling them. Moving cases of glass is a bitch--especially with three tons of it. I put away 2/3 of the 5 oz frit jars today, and tomorrow morning I will do the 1/2 sheets and the 10X10's. The studio is coming together.  I am still not quite sure _how_ everything is going to fit, and yet I am sure it will. And gracefully.

I'm going to be graceful too. I am gracefully going to lower myself into a tub full of warm water and Epson sats. I am going to soak and relax, and then take an Aleve (wait, maybe I'll do that before the bath), and go to bed. One more day. I mostly just have to get through one more day. Photos at the end.

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Bill said...

Don't fall asleep in the tub.