Saturday, February 04, 2017

Home At Last

I cannot adequately express how happy I am never to have to drive a load from Atlanta to Austin again. I think when all the counting is done, I only drove one of the U-Hauls, but I drove every trip except the one in June after school got out. Now we are home... well, we were home, but Dave and Jessie are off getting pizza, wine, and McDonald's right now. It's been a hard couple of days for all of the Griffiths and we each need our own comfort food. It was also difficult for the pets--keeping Gallifrey from knocking me over in his on-going excitement at seeing me was almost impossible, and even Baxter seemed glad I was home. Tonight, pizza and a glass of red (or two) followed by a hot shower and bed sounds like heaven. I am not in the least bit tempted to read Facebook, or email, or the news. I can just wait till tomorrow to find out whatever idiocy has been perpetrated by our government in the past couple of days.

My last view of the studio came last night when Dave and I picked up the U-Haul from where it had been parked next door. I didn't go in, but I don't guess there was much to see. It was being picked pretty clean when I left on Wednesday. I did salvage a few sentimental things on Thursday like the old wine crates that I used to store smaller pieces of glass when I started working with it. I gave all the glass in them away--no way to carry them full in the mini-van--but I am glad to have the 1985 Lynch-Bages Pauillac crate, as well as some of my other favorites from the late '80's. The things that mattered to me which were important to keep make me chuckle. I had no problem giving away two 6-ft X 2-ft sheets of white Tekta and several molds, but when I thought someone had taken the old wine crates I was really upset. I left Elfa shelving, 6-ft white folding tables, sample pieces from the second book (if I teach any classes on those techniques I'll need to make new samples), and a slew of other things. I felt bad about sloughing them like old skin, but at the same time it was very freeing. I still have no idea how I'm going to get everything I did bring into my new, smaller, studio space, but I'm finally looking forward to trying. Just not tomorrow. Monday is soon enough!

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Bill said...

May you put down roots, really deep!