Saturday, February 18, 2017

Getting Ready For the Test

Name the two styles of spinning wheels and list their parts. What are the characteristics of wool? Label the parts of a fleece. How do you roll a fleece? What is the difference between washing and scouring a fleece? What is the melting point of lanolin? What is the function of a mordant in dyeing? Name two common mordants. How do you determine the drive ratio(s) of your spinning wheel? What does the drive ratio correspond to in the spun yarn? How long has it been since I've taken a test? Do you think my brain is about to explode?

Today was a challenging day in our Master Spinning class, and I am glad our instructor had the wisdom to put the most challenging day in the middle of the program: we had enough time behind us to somewhat bond as a group, then we had the drama llamas of today, and now we have two more days to mend bridges and bond anew. Had this day been at the end, we probably would have all gone home hating each other and swearing we would NEVER do another class together. Had it been at the beginning, we never would have come back after the first day. I won't go into detail on what made it difficult, but it boiled down to a need for extreme detail and organization in process from a herd of cats (not the most data-driven animals).

Tomorrow we start the day with a test on all the material we have covered so far. I think I'll take donuts to class. There is an incredible bakery just down the street from Spry Whimsy (the shop where our class is being held). Fortunately the test is only 4.2% of our grade for Level One (20 points out of a possible 473), and we only need to get a 70% (331 points) on everything to pass the class. I say fortunately, because I just read the book for the first time tonight, and I am still so tired I'm not sure how much I absorbed. Tonight, the same as every night, we went out for dinner. Tonight's location was the Viking Brew Pub (which comes complete with a viking longship in the middle of the room). When we got back to the hotel, I sat on the side of the hot tub with a glass of wine and quizzed one of my classmates (who was in the hot tub--I didn't bring a suit) on the material in the book. I wish we'd had a hot tub when I was in grad school--phonetics might have made more sense then. Now for a decent night's sleep and no test anxiety...

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Bill said...

Is there no Target in Wisconsin where you can pick up a swimsuit?