Tuesday, February 14, 2017

On the Road Again!

Today the peacocks were all over the campus of Laguna Gloria Art School where I take my drawing class. I am sorely tempted to adopt peafowl, but I haven't run it past the spouse yet...

Tomorrow I head up to Wisconsin for the first of the Master Spinning classes I am taking through Olds College in Alberta Canada. The first few sessions are taught both on Olds campus in June during Fiber Week and also as distance learning at various times of the year and parts of the country. I was hoping for Palm Beach in February, but luck of the draw got me Wisconsin. If all goes as planned I will not wait till next year for the second class, but will take it in Alberta in June. There are six classes in all with 30 hours of in-class work and another 125-175 hours of homework (sent in for grading upon completion) for each one.

I have not yet packed, but it's Valentines Day and I have better things to do. One of those better things was the dinner the spouse made as my Valentines present: caviar on sour cream and Ritz crackers with Perrier Jouet champagne for an appetizer, followed by sous vided double lobster tails served in shell, and sous vided and seared beef filet with Bernaise sauce accompanied by cheese grits. We ended with chocolate cake and I am stuffed!!

Now it's late, and tomorrow will come too soon so I'm signing off. Besides, there is still more Valentines Day to celebrate.

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