Monday, February 27, 2017

All About the [Fill In the Blank]

Way too soon in the evening I am finding myself with droopy eyelids and an inability to stay awake. It's only 9:44 pm for pity's sake! But exhaustion is as exhaustion does, and I can't seem to do anything about it. So I quickly post, and then I toddle off to bed before 10:00... Man, am I getting old!

Today was supposed (again) to be all about the taxes... and again, I failed. I did get another glass order and loaded about half of it in the kiln. I even worked out the price increase for work this year to cover Bullseye's glass price increase and my new shipping costs because I have to ship all the glass for the work I do with Todd to Atlanta so Todd can do his thing with it and ship it on to the customer. I also got the new website to the brink of being done (enough) and up, and I have every confidence I will scale that summit tomorrow.

Today was also all about the new garden and finishing the last clearing of the undergrowth. Tomorrow the chipper shredder arrives and then we're really going to have some fun! Well, I'm not as I'm not going to be anywhere near the chipper shredder. But I am very much looking forward to turning an enormous brush pile into an enormous mulch pile. Then we spec out the place for the pond with it's built-in bog pond, and bee hives, and begin building beds! I decided against doing a plan. I'm not really a plan kind of gal. I'm going to let the land tell me what it wants and what's appropriate, rather than imposing a layout determined by a drawing on paper. It'll be much easier to take a list of everything I want to fit into that space out there and start staking it off based on the trees, shrubs, cactus, and rocky outcroppings that are left, rather than try to put it all down on paper. If I had a flat field in Iowa, paper would be find. But the Texas Hill Country resists paper plans.

Now I'm going to take my droopy little self off to bed and, like the phoenix, rise anew tomorrow to take on my day.

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Bill said...

How about a paper mache (sp?) set of plans instead of paper?