Monday, February 06, 2017

100 boxes of glass in the truck, 100 boxes of glass...

... take one out and put it away, 99 boxes of glass in the truck.

Today has been a good day. Admittedly I am now drinking champagne, listening to "Kryptonite" by Three Doors Down, and eating Girl Scout cookies (formerly samoas, now called caramel deLites... Who do they think they're kidding? There's nothing "lite" about these babies!) so how bad could it be? But the sale of the studio finally funded at 5:00 pm today, and the last U-Haul from our long move from Atlanta is unloaded down to the (11) cases of sheet glass. Tomorrow I have three guys hired to unload the rest and then help me unpack and set-up. With their help I can get that three tons (really--6,600 lbs) of sheet glass unpacked and re-stored in the crates after they have been stood on end. Today we got the cases of half sheets, the 10X10's, and the scrap glass unloaded, I'll put it away tomorrow too. Then I sent everyone home so I could just sit in the space and plan the layout. Again. More.

And as I sat in the studio tonight, I felt joy about it for the first time since moving here. I knew this studio could be a Good Place (and if you haven't watched that show with Ted Danson and Kristen Bell you are missing something great), but with all the stuff that got shoved in there with every U-Haul load, and the lack of the bones (glass crates, classroom table, wire shelving up the wazoo) to delineate the space, it just never sang to me. But today the first thing we did was pull everything out onto the driveway so that we could set up the newly-arrived bones, and now when I sit in there I can see the possibilities, revel in the light from the new glass doors, and admire the lines of the built-out kiln room. They make me happy. All the crap that doesn't belong there has been moved to another temporary holding area (most of it to the wood shop/garden tools room under the master bedroom--doesn't everyone have a secret cement room only accessible from outside under the deck where they can store their tools and toys?), and what goes back in tomorrow will be pertinent to Siyeh Studio.

The garage is divided into three bays, a kiln room  and a wet area. My challenge tomorrow is fitting areas for finished work, packing and shipping, the last of my retail materials, stained glass materials and tools, molds and other kiln accoutrements, in around the cutting table, work composition table, and massive frit storage I already have set up. Let's face it, I am moving from a 1500 sq ft studio with two hotshops and two storage sheds to an 1100 sq ft garage. Even with everything I sold, gave away, threw away, there is still an enormous number of boxes out in the driveway. And, hey, cardboard boxes--when they're empty, I am going to use them to fill the bottoms of all of the raised beds we're putting in next month. Waste not, want not.

Tomorrow is going to come far earlier than I would like so I finish my wine (red now, finished the champagne) and head off to bed. 'Night all!

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Bill said...

Decreasing the size of your workplace has got to be a real quandry...