Sunday, February 26, 2017

Off to the Oscars!

In a bit of ridiculousness, I find myself blogging in the car on the way to see the Oscars on the big screen at the Alamo Drafthouse. The mechanics of the post reflect my scattered processes all day. I managed (with Dave's help) to get the Christmas lights down today. I managed to get the cotton carpet warp I ordered some months ago unpacked, inventoried and arranged. I spent far too much time making a Word doc with all the colors of cotton carpet warp available through Great Northern weaving. It ended up being a fruitless endeavor as the printouts--which I was trying to use to reconcile the inventory--didn't have nearly the color quality necessary to distinguish red from cranberry, pear from tan, or a host of other color distinctions. It's better to just load their webpage on the laptop and work from it. Anyway, it's pretty, it's functional, and it's not in direct sunlight ever so it won't fade. It's also carpet warp so it doesn't really matter is it does fade.

The rest of the day? Not so productive. At this point I could continue on with all the things I meant to do today and didn't get to, but who cares? I am certainly not going to be bothered by it. I made progress, and that's enough. Tonight I get to drink white wine, eat chicken tenders, and watch the Oscars on the same screen where I saw some of the nominated movies. If that doesn't mark a successful day, I don't know what does.

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Bill said...

With some terrific people, too. A blessing.