Thursday, February 02, 2017

Counting Snores Instead Of Sheep

Life wouldn't be life if there wasn't a last minute hitch in the giddy-up, and so it goes with the last stage of leaving the Atlanta studio. There is a financial snafu with closing, but I remain confident that everything will turn out tomorrow morning at 10:00 when we all show up to sign papers and go our separate ways.

The chickens went home with Mel and Kyla today, the molds, glass, furniture, packing material, test tubes, jewelry boxes and LOADS of other things I couldn't take with me mostly found new homes as friends dropped in to say good-bye and help me clear things out. I loaded the last of the mini-van--there is room for Dave tomorrow when he flies in from Austin, but maybe not room for Dave and my suitcase at the same time.

I have one more day in Atlanta after a week filled with friends, laughs, reminisces, hugs, tears, and not nearly enough time. But maybe it's better this way--rip the band-aid off, make a clean break, and be gone. Tonight I sleep on flannel sheets covered with happy sheep in the guest bedroom of very dear friends in Marietta. I'm so tired I won't even need to count them (the sheep, not the friends).

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Bill said...

Sleep tight!