Friday, February 03, 2017

Good Night Moon

For those anxiously waiting on news of the closing, the arrival of the money from the sale of the studio has not happened yet. I have signed documents, the buyer has signed documents, and the money should be transferred on Monday. Boy am I glad Stacy pushed me to insist on using my own closing attorney! Tomorrow morning bright and early Dave gets behind the wheel of the U-Haul--packed as full as full can be (he was grumbling tonight about having to share the front seat with a wire shelving rack)--and I get behind the wheel of the mini-van, which is equally full. By this time tomorrow night we will be home. It has been a very good visit for me, though I didn't get to see even half of the people I wanted to. Dave didn't see anyone, and tonight we are only going to see the inside of our eyelids. Would that I could be more eloquent, but I'm exhausted. Good Night Atlanta!

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Safe travels!