Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Coffee in the Washington DC mug, "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night" by the Electric Prunes on iTunes--I kid you not. Unnnghh. Posting before acting has its consequences. My lovely plans of yesterday were derailed by a child sent home from school because she coughed so much she threw up. Ikebana... didn't happen. The papers and mail got sorted much later in the morning than anticipated, and the rest of the day slid on. It ended with her not being able to sleep last night--because she spent most of the day in bed--and climbing into bed with us about 10:30 when I was just too exhausted to boot her out. I was the creme in the family Oreo sandwich cookie all night while Dave hung grimly onto a tiny sliver of the edge of the bed. Neither of us slept well (she is a *pushy* child!) but she woke refreshed, and ready to take on the world again.

Today, child off to school, clean slate--and Bettina wired and tested! The plus side of Denver Glass having sent the wrong amperage kiln is that I can fire all four kilns at the same time without even coming close to the studio's capacity. The downside is that I don't think she'll be good for anything but slumping (a lower temperature than fusing) as underpowered as she is. I hope they get me my new lid SOON!

Bullseye sent my glass last week, it ought to get here today. The next big round of metal from Elliott Metal Works will be finished today and I'll meet Bill halfway to Greenville at the Starbucks in Commerce to go over booth design for August and to take delivery of it tomorrow. It's actually cheaper to drive--or even pay someone to drive--to pick it up than it is to have it all shipped UPS.

Dan the carpenter is back in the studio today and the last of the work will be done--the studio already has a picnic bench in back and now it'll have a porch swing in front (we had one that we hadn't put up at the house for the past four years). A door will open out that now opens in, the little kiln room will be exhausted (just like me!), and the bubble wrap will be hung. Hallelujah.


Bill said...

Something like Brushette and Corvey both trying to get into bed with my spouse and I?

Dee said...

ayuh, kids are excellent at derailing one's day with illness ;P hopefully she doesn't do anything like this today and you can be productive in the studio.

sleeping with child in the bed is NOT fun! caroline was always as restless as i was so it never worked well either. hopefully you'll get a good night's sleep tonight with J in HER bed ;P