Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Cusp of Summer

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, "Strutter" by Kiss on iTunes--iTunes did that one all on its own and it missed today as I don't feel much like a strutter. I feel like a shower-then-dogs-to-the-groomer-then-bank-deposit-then-ikebana-THEN-studio-er. I am in the miasma. "Grey Walls" by Richard Thompson just came on, a MUCH better match for my day.

We are on the brink at the studio. This week sees the last of the big production going out for the summer. There are six more orders scheduled for June, one for July and two for August. Stacy is easing out of her assistantship as her own business heats up, another friend is looking to pick up some fill in over the summer till her new job starts, and then come fall I hope to be ready to hire an official assistant. Stacy had the great idea of looking for a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design (Decatur campus), Emory or Agnes Scott College--all relatively close to the studio. I am also thinking a Mom with a child/children in school during the day who can do 10-2. Fall--when school starts--is the best time to find either a student or a Mom.

So summer... looms. Time to get a Niche entry done? Time to get the studio finished? Time, maybe, to garden and hang with my child?... I can always dream. Unless, of course, I get another big corporate gift order, or the new casino client places a big order due in August, or the economy suddenly turns around, gas prices drop, people rush to buy art from galleries and galleries rush to reorder from me... I think a lazy summer gardening with my child and waiting for business to pick up in the fall is the most likely (and frankly the most appealing appealing--the new studio is a warm place to be).

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Bill said...

Well, you ARE hot stuff, you know. No wonder the studio heats up.