Thursday, May 08, 2008

More Burglary Fallout

Coffee in the Alaska skyline mug, "So Long, So Wrong" by Alison Kraus and the Union Station on iTunes. A friend commented yesterday that I seemed very calm after Monday's burglary. It's all on the outside. Last night I was awake on and off for most of the night thinking I was hearing noises over at the studio and fretting that the alarm system might use the phone line so the alarm company wouldn't be able to get through on our phone to tell me the alarm was going off. (The siren isn't loud enough to hear at our house. I'm thinking of changing that.) Oy.

Shaking off the night terrors and moving on... Bettina sailed flawlessly through her first firing yesterday bringing me to 36 sq feet of production kiln space with Middle Ground and Little Boy ready to step in for onesie twosie firings. A potter reading this post might wonder why I listed the sq footage of the kiln and not the volume. I am a traditional kiln-former and--unlike the aforementioned potter--I don't stack my pieces on rows of shelves in the kiln. Everything is in one layer so the glass can "see" the heat.

My glass was delivered from Bullseye yesterday and I met Bill at the Starbucks in Commerce to look over booth design for August and pick-up stands for all the orders going out in the next two weeks. We're in really good shape for the August BMAC even though we are booth starting almost from scratch for booths. I like the Easy Pedestals so much I am going to get another set for Philly, and both Elliott Metal Works and I need to get new lights, new grid walls and new foam core.


Just got over to the studio for the day and as I finished straightening up the office I found one more thing that had been stolen: My Goddess sculpture from Jeff Manpearl of Ferroglyphs. This is the hardest loss. Everything else I could (with the exception of the toilet paper stand) more or less understand, but this isn't something they could sell. This is something beautiful that I had, they saw and decided to take for themselves, for a gift for a girlfriend, for Mom, for whatever. That theft is the most personal, the most disrespectful and the most demeaning.


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