Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday, Not Fun Day

Coffee in the Denver skyline mug, "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" by Tom Waits on iTunes. Can you tell it's Monday? My ambitions of Saturday were thwarted in spite of working all weekend--the firings got done, the web pages did not. I did make it to Home Depot yesterday for studio supplies including light bulbs, trash cans, bathroom fixtures, vacuum filter, etc., and I did (with the help of the spouse) get the little fridge back to the studio (the story of the fridge is on Stranded in the South). But papers and mail? Not sorted. Today I'm off to the races again. Let's hope I don't end up like poor Eight Belles. (If that story doesn't bring you down, nothing will.)

Glass, I focus on glass. Today's list is up in the studio for Stacy. Brian the electrician comes tonight to finish wiring Belinda. Tomorrow Dan the carpenter puts in an other exhaust fan, switches a door direction and puts a walkway in the attic (a prelude to blowing in insulation)--all steps toward keeping the studio a cooler place this summer. I haven't turned on the air conditioning yet--the heat bills from the winter scared me too much. I'm waiting till the studio is a little more energy efficient. Till then, I sweat.

Kiln loads are going apace, the glass is on its way from Bullseye--I need to check with Denver Glass to see how my new kiln lid is coming along. My guess is it isn't. Before Ikebana this morning I will get the papers and mail sorted into piles (today, this week, eventually, file, and throw) so I know what else I have in front of me before we go (yet again) on vacation at the end of the week. This has been quite the spring for travel. For once I have the studio/house/pet-sitter comfortably scheduled in advance and work will proceed normally here without me.


Bill said...

I bet that the mail is mostly "throw".

Dee said...

we watched the kentucky derby sat. it was heartbreaking to know they had to put the filly down, i had a bad feeling when they shows 2 ambulances and the view of the horse was blocked. i swear the racing industry has over bred these horses and their legs are too thin for the type of punishment they take. when caroline was in the process of buying forest, who is an "off the track" horse, that was one of the first things they looked at, the thickness of his legs. we also paid extra to have his legs xrayed prior to purchase.

now, on to less depressing subjects ;) are we gonna make bets on things REALLY proceeding normally w/o you? snkr snkr don't be saying that too loud or murphy will come to visit and your fridge will exhibit more of it's mpd behaviour ;P