Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday--I Get To Sleep In Tomorrow

Coffee in the New Orleans skyline mug (in honor of adding a gallery there), "Out Here in the Middle" by James McMurtry on iTunes. Dave left for Washington DC at 5:30 this morning, he'll be back tonight. I did the parental morning alone and barely dragged through it--I am soooooo tired! I never should have played those last three games of solitaire on the computer last night.

The firing schedule is done, the orders are to Elliott Metal for their part, and now the work begins. The electrician came last night and did the initial connection for Bettina. He's coming back Monday evening to finish and test her out. Good thing as I have 185 pieces scheduled to fire this month and will need all the kilns to get them done.

Yesterday someone made the comment to me that my post on ACRE seemed a bit of a suck up to the show people. Not at all--I calls 'em as I sees 'em. I think the ACRE staff tried really hard to have a great show for the artists and I don't think they succeeded yet--there just weren't enough buyers. That said, I still had a great show, a really great show. I just feel bad saying so when so many other people didn't. I heard several worst show ever's at the show from other artists, but I was reluctant to put that out there because it was so not the case for me.

Enough on ACRE. We move on to the next show--the BMAC in Philadelphia in August--and wait until next year to grade ACRE (three years to get it all together is a good length of time). Bill is coming down from Greenville next week to deliver the first round of metal and pow wow about our display for August--he believes in getting a jump on things and not leaving them til the last minute... think it'll rub off on me? Sara Creekmore sent me a link to a great looking hanging system from Walker Display that I think we might use instead of cable-tying everything to the foamcore and grids. The cable ties look really clean, but the foamcore is unusable after a couple of times (and it takes forever to put up). With a holeless system we could conceivably not have to replace our foamcore for several years and still have a very flexible display.

Okay, packing supplies to put away, a cutting list to organize and start on, a kiln load to get in, and invoices to utz people about paying. Time to get into the studio proper.

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Bill said...

No, I don't think it will rub off on you, but I think he's wise to get on it NOW.