Saturday, May 03, 2008

As I Work, So Shall I Post

Coffee in the Montreal mug, little girls playing in the front yard after a sleepover for music. As intended, I did sleep in this morning. The dogs howling along with the fire engine siren at 7:20 did not keep me awake (I told them to be quiet, and they did). The little girls getting up to play at 7:30 did not keep me awake (I told them to play quietly in Jessie's room with the door closed, and they did). Everyone but me was up and (quietly) pursuing their days by the time I strolled out at 10:00. Yawn. Stretch. Ahhh, coffee.

Yesterday I cut all the pieces that I will fuse before Friday, and I fused a full load in Bertha. Stacy organized the shipping room so we can walk through it again (now we can't walk through the shed--I have *got* to disencumber some) (Wow, that's actually a word *and* I spelled it right the first time!). Stacy looked at me halfway through yesterday and flatly said, you have got to throw things out. I blustered and justified (sort of) and listed all the ways I planned to someday use those weird box sizes... I have got to throw some stuff out. Too bad Atlanta doesn't recycle corrugated.

Today is all about the website and firing, firing, firing. This morning I will get three articles up on my site about the visit to Pop, my display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and the ACRE show. After catching up electronically I'll tackle the pile of snail mail that I ignored before going and that continued to pile up during my absence and since my return.

If I get through all that I'll consider myself well-worked and indulge in a little Rock Band with my spouse as a reward.


Dee said...

what? throw out something you might use someday - ok, maybe sometime anywhere between now and 2 decades from now - we are supposed to be packrats, aren't we? :) stacy doesn't get it! hehehehehehe

Bill said...

Rock Band? What do you play, tambourine?