Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Studio Profile!

Coffee in the New York skyline mug, "Pretty Ghost" by the BoDeans on iTunes. Summer is here in Atlanta, make no mistake. Temps in the 80's every day--heck it's 70 degrees and 94% humidity right now. Working in the studio is... unappealing. Today I break down and put on the air conditioning for the first time (Stacy will be thrilled to hear that, I'm sure).

After another no-firing day yesterday, I lurch into gear today. I'm meeting Stacy this morning and we're going to pow-wow about schedules and upcoming needs. Then it's time to get the studio cleaned up, work unpacked and displayed in the gallery, and kiln loads in. My friend Mike is going to be doing some work on my website--writing articles, etc., and I am thinking I really need two or three days at it too to get the new work up and all the galleries listed and shown on the Google Maps page. The current biggest news is the profile on Siyeh Studio in the summer issue of Profitable Glass. My work is not on the cover (sadness), but I am thrilled to be in an issue with Bandhu Dunham, Leah Fairbanks and Milon Townsend. Need to get a scan of the cover (or the table of contents which does have a picture of my work in it) for an article on my website.

And now it's coming on 9:00 and I need to be in the studio. Till tomorrow...

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Bill said...

Get to work! You have so much to do!