Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday and Then a Week Off!

Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug, "Morning Has Broken" by the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens on iTunes. It's a new day. Six orders ship today--my last day in the studio for a week, two next week (Stacy will get them out), then two on the 19th when I return (the work is all done for them), and that gets me through the first round of ACRE orders. The following weekend,Memorial Day weekend, I am doing the Decatur Arts Festival--my first outdoor retail show since 2005. And then May will be all over but for the shouting--not that I actually expect shouting, but that's how the phrase goes.

Sometime between now and the demise of May I have a lot of other work to get done. Do I look like a salmon to you? I feel like a salmon. I am beating myself against the rocks to get upstream... where I'll die. I need to stop being a salmon and start being a... sea lion! Sea lions are fierce, playful, and well-fed. You don't see a sea lion mindlessly swimming against the current. No, they swim for the joy of hurling their bodies through the water. I need to be a sea lion. A sea lion who does website updates, client lists, postcard mailings, marketing, a catalog, a photo cd--in other words, a sea lion with fingers instead of flippers.

The BoDeans new album "Still" is playing on iTunes, the current song is "Found Me a Reason". Yep. I found me a reason--I'm a sea lion! Off to ship...

1 comment:

Bill said...

How about an otter?

Not a sloth.

Maybe you could be a gazelle?

Not an orangutan.

Possibly a banana slug? No, probably not.

I've got it! A bison! You'd just bull your way forward, letting nothing stop you...