Thursday, May 01, 2008

Racing to the Red Light Indeed

Coffee was in the New York skyline mug (in honor of the New York minute), "Racing to the Red Light" by James McMurtry on iTunes. Whoo boy, Welcome to may, it's going to be one of those... months. Last night at midnight I finished entering my orders from ACRE into the computer and I just now finished sending a massive order in to Elliott Metal Works for their share of the work. I have four orders from the BMAC to go out tomorrow or Monday (mostly still to fire...), three more BMAC orders scheduled for the end of next week, and then four ACRE orders scheduled for Monday the 19th.

I could probably make this schedule without breaking a sweat if I weren't going to be out of the studio from 5/10 to 5/17. As it is all of this work must be mostly completed before I go. We were supposed to go away with friends to a lake house they have this weekend to relax and unwind after last week at ACRE, but I am completely and totally snowed under. Stacy, my assistant, also has a real career (she mostly helps me out because she's my friend and because she thinks artists are cool) that is in high gear right now so I can't even push a lot of things off on her.

Why then, if I am so busy, am I posting? Because I am sitting waiting for the refrigerator repairman to come and tell me there's nothing he can do, he'll have to order the part and come back again./ I am so sick of people WASTING MY TIME! He knows what kind of fridge we have, he has a good idea it's a motor issue, but he was honest (under pressure) when I asked him this morning if he was going to have what he needed to really fix it and he said probably not. So I am in the house instead of in the studio, writing instead of getting the kiln load in. This afternoon it's the last gymnastics and ballet for the year (yea!) and at ballet it's a participation class. I get to dance too, as does Dave who will be coming to class to surprise the J.

Okay, off to putz with the firing schedule to see how I can get everything done. If Denver had sent the right new kiln it would be a no-brainer. But I don't know how well the 58 amp under-powered Bettina is going to meet my needs (or even when I can get her electrical hooked up by my electrician).


Mish said...

At the risk of inducing even more stress, do you think it would be possible to do that "Carolina thing" we discussed at ACRE before the 10th?

Bill said...

You stress-junkie, you.

Dave G (the husband) said...

You stress-junkie, you.

These times remind me of a sign I saw on the wall at a LaSalle street trading firm I interviewed for:

"Eat Stress For Breakfast"

Dee said...

and how was the dancing dave, brenda? are there any pics in existence? ;)