Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Running Like a Race Horse

Coffee in the Alaska skyline mug (the spouse is filling it as I type), the sound of the fridge door opening (so he can get the creamer out) and keys on the keyboard clacking for music. I just need to make it through this week. I have so many balls in the air right now that it is taking all my attention just to keep them up.

Today Stacy goes to Greenville to pick up all the metal work for orders shipping through mid June and for my show this weekend (The Decatur Arts Festival--come on out and say hi!), the DishNetwork tech comes to fix the satellite dish at the house between 12-5 (I will have to be there to supervise and twiddle my thumbs), I have to pick up J from school and take her to after-care at 1:00, and I have three kiln loads to fire and two orders to ship today. If Monday and Tuesday are any indication, I won't be out of the studio till 7:30 or 8:00 tonight. No time to post more--off to fire.

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Bill said...

The whirlwind life of the successful businesswoman!