Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where have I Been?!?

Wildhorse "Negrette" in the Riedel stemless, "The Return of the King" (the movie, not just the soundtrack) in the background. So, hey! Where's Glass Incarnate been? It's been a very busy couple of days in the glass studio and almost none of it had to do with getting ready for ACRE--even though I leave Thursday morning at 8:30. Won't THAT make tomorrow fun!

So far this week the shipping supplies arrived, the frit arrived but the sheet glass is still at Bullseye--fortunately I have enough for now, and I found out the kiln is scheduled to arrive Thursday... I am most unhappy with Denver Glass Machinery about this last fact. I made it very plain that I had to have it before Thursday or it would have to wait until my return. I was assured Monday that it went out last week and would be delivered in four days. What, apparently, they did not understand is that the delivery schedule is four days not including the pick-up day OR weekends, and it went out Friday... do the math. Fortunately the shipping company, when I called them to check the delivery date, was VERY accommodating and they red-sheeted it through and it will now be delivered tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

New at the studio since the last post: There is a ramp leading to the shed, more glass has been moved from the old studio over to the shed, the floor has been supported with eight new columns and a couple of big beams, there is a lovely 10 ft bamboo hut lashed together in the studio yard with over 100 new bamboo shoots (covered in Tanglefoot) coming up next to it, and the porch is almost completely screened in (to be finished tomorrow)! Much glass? No. I am working up samples and a proposal for the sign for a new gallery in O'Hare Airport in Chicago, and have done more experiments with Lee the glass blower on incorporating blown pieces into kilnformed work, but there hasn't been much in the way of production.

Tomorrow there is packing, and the arrival (hope, hope) of Bettina, and the end of the contractor week. There is also somehow, somewhere the updating of the website, the 800 word article for Profitable Glass, the invoicing and other assorted paperwork. Oh yes, and a pick-up of all my remaining work at one of my local galleries that is closing the end of the month. Sadness.

And now a Sprout needs to be bathed and put to bed, and I wait for a Spouse to be finished minding the Pennsylvania primary and to come home. Tomorrow I post before the day runs away with me.


Bill said...

Hooray for the arrival of more capability/output!

Dee said...

so how many items will you be taking out of the kiln just prior to heading to the airport tomorrow? :) hope bettina is arriving, i've got to finish packing - yes the straps are in the suitcase almost ;P and check the progress of candle holders ;P

i'll have bottles of water in my booth if you need some when you get to the convention ctr tomorrow ;) see you soon!