Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back in the Studio

Coffee in the Los Angeles skyline mug, "Life in Laralay" by Love and Rockets on iTunes. I was supposed to listen to it on Saturday while I was posting, but I didn't post Saturday. Sunday's song was targeted to be "Say It Isn't So" by Bon Jovi and that was the end of the theme music for the week--but I didn't post Sunday either. However all the songs for the week are now listed, what's the theme? What do each and every one of those songs have in common? Answer tomorrow--and remember, if one of you answers first, there are Jessie glass refrigerator magnets at stake!

Today I regroup from the Disneyworld trip, prepare for ACRE, fire a couple of BMAC orders to ship at the end of the week, and work with the carpenter who is building a ramp for the deck, shoring up the studio floor (the glass weighs *a lot* more than was originally speced), and screening in the front porch. I also huddle and shiver and ponder the economy. There are mixed signals all around me as to its state. On the one hand, my orders are up from last year and I feel that my business is currently strong. On the other, I have had two galleries who placed orders at the BMAC ask to pay for their orders with a credit card after their Net 30 terms had passed citing poorer sales in their businesses than anticipated (I hate giving someone credit for 30 days and then having to pay the 2.8% credit card fee on top of it), another new gallery canceled 1/2 its order before I shipped it for the same reason, and my carpenter says for the first time in his life he's really worried about having enough work as he doesn't have jobs already lined up to get him through the rest of the year--very unusual for him. All of these omens and portents have made me pause this morning to consider my strategy for continuing to grow my business through this tough time, and I realize that I might need one (a strategy)--the seat of my pants might not be enough in the times ahead.

On a happier topic--the times just past--I had a great visit with Ron, Christie, Erin, Robert and all the rest of the cast members (Disney has no "employees") from Hoypoloi and Pop in Disneyworld. They work in a crazy-busy environment and are still warm, welcoming, fresh and appreciative of both artists and guests (Disney also has no "customers"). My work does very well at both their locations, and I was glad to have a chance to share my technique, background, new directions in work, collaboration, and passion with lots and lots of people. On the right is a picture of Ron (the owner of the galleries) and me looking at the newest colorway ("Fresh") in the collaborative piece "Balance".

Now to the kilns--or more paperwork. I have lots of both to get caught up on.


Dee said...

so are you getting your energy level back to normal after a VERY busy trip to the land of the mouse with 6 yr old in tow? :) i hope the work sells out quickly down in disney and you have to make lots more! and i don't think we've seen the last of the problems with slow paying/canceling/ delaying customers! i just shipped an order from bmac after trying to get it paid a month ago ;P

Bill said...

But, don't you do this artwork for the joy of creation? I'm sure that filthy lucre couldn't be your reason, could it?