Friday, April 25, 2008

ACRE Set-Up Goes On

No coffee yet, only the faint hum of the traffic 19 floors below and a toothbrush tapping on the sink in the room next door for music. The sun is rising in Vegas. Still being on Eastern time, I woke leisurely and completely refreshed at 5:15 this morning. Since then I have read and replied to all my email (off-line as I am averse to paying $12 for connectivity at the hotel when it will be free at the show in an hour), and I have watched the night sky lighten to a pale slate grey over Vegas and the mountains beyond.

Set-up commenced yesterday just before 2:00 for us and we knocked off at 6:00 with the grid walls all up and covered with foam core where possible (the shared walls are only covered on one side until all the art goes up on that side and then the other side is put up and a lesser amount of work is hung on it). We were pleased (and I was surprised) to find all of our crates waiting for us in the booth and it was the work of a moment to snag a forklift driver and get him to move them around so we could set-up easily and efficiently.

Today the hall opens at 7:00 am and we are planning to be there on the dot (an easy matter as we are all on Eastern time). I am not going to make any rash predictions about getting done by noon, but I am cautiously optimistic that we won't be there all night. I am looking forward to sitting by the pool this afternoon with a frufty drink at hand and working on my price sheets and other packet materials for the show.

Now off to shower and go in search of coffee. Oh yeah, and I think I'll get dressed in there somewhere too.


becky said...

hope you are by the pool by now

Bill said...

In where? The showhall?

Brenda Griffith said...

In the time, silly.

Dee said...

uh huh and now 'fess up to what time y'all finally finished fri night ;P