Monday, April 07, 2008

Frogs Again?!?

Coffee in the New York skyline mug, "Too Bad About Your Girl" by The Donnas on iTunes. Completely arbitrarily the song today fits a theme that I think I will carry throughout the week. Whoever first guesses the theme will get a set of Jessie's fused glass heart refrigerator magnets.

Ribbit. The theme of the day is Ribbit... again. It's another rainy day in Atlanta and I find myself (still) surrounded by amphibians. Yesterday saw no diminishing of their numbers--though much good work around here was done. Home Depot had 1 gallon azaleas on sale for $2.00 each (I got 15 for the studio and our backyard) and I also got four raspberry bushes and two blackberry bushes for the studio. No rush to plant anything--I need to put in raised beds with good drainage for everything. Good thing I have a lot of landscape timbers.

It's spring break for the J and she sits on the arm of my chair with her head on my shoulder waiting for me to finish posting so we can go to Ikebana. Then she has a playdate with her first best friend in Atlanta (Keziah). I will drop her off and then stop by to see a local glass blower with a lot of free System 96 scrap--I have a great series in mind for it. This afternoon I have to fuse two big pieces to ship to Pop at Disneyworld for my visit there this weekend. Tomorrow is zoo camp for J and a Kavarna day for me. And frogs. Lots and lots and lots of frogs to be consumed.


Bill said...

Better frogs than snails.


Dee said...

bill, don't you like escargot? in a nice butter and garlic sauce with a good pinot grigio they are quite tasty ;))