Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Fast Post

Estancia sauvignon blanc in a Reidel stemless white wine glass, "Cryogenic Husk" by Agoraphobic Nosebleeds on iTunes. I don't actually have time to post--dinner is on the table in under 10 seconds according to the spouse, and there is still packing to do after that. Tomorrow I will regale with the tales of identity theft and credit card fraud and the day before leaving for Disneyworld. Now I go. But the song is up for those trying to guess the THEME OF THE WEEK.


Dee said...

LOLOLOL brenda, you hadn't even started packing yet? i hope dave has at least started handling his portion of the packing. enjoy disney world and the "artist in residence" or whatever the gallery is calling it and hope they SELL OUT! ;)) get sleep tonight tho' i suspect a certain sprout may not allow that as i'm sure she's wound tighter than the proverbial drum by now ;P

Bill said...

Will you be visiting Epcot? Or Disney's Animal Kingdom?


Or will you guys take the drive east and go visit the Kennedy Space Center?

Brenda Griffith said...

Two visits to Epcot scheduled (centered on food) the same for the Animal Kingdom (we are food-centric here). No driving--didn't even rent a car. We are on Disney's Magical Express for our transportation to and from the airport, and we're taking hte monorail for everything else we possibly can.

ren said...

ooh, ooh...the restaurant in morocco is really good. and there's lots of good looking morocan waiters and waitresses.

and if you need a fast meal, the taco stand in mexico isn't bad.

and the roast chicken in the tomorrowland plaza thingy is a huge meal for one. but surprisingly tasty.

make sure to ride the boat in mexico, it's my favorite. and sweden is good too (i like the movie). and soarin' and...and...um...can you tell i like epcot?