Sunday, April 27, 2008

Viva las Vegas!

Coffee was long ago in a galaxy far, far away, the low, desultory hum of buyers and artists is my music. I am late posting today not because I have been busy taking orders, but because I have been busy... shopping? Chatting? I don't know, the day's just gone! I haven't eaten yet either and I'm just not hungry. Weird. Hello to Dinah--I'm finally posting, and Dave, the pic is for you. I look out my window to the mountains, but if I look right, Rosanne Barr is waving at me from the hotel tower next door. It's a bit... disconcerting.

Day 2 has been very slooooooow. Yesterday was an unusually strong Day 1 for me, today has been a normal Day 2 for a slow show. I'd like to say that I have used the time to get caught up on my order write-up and scheduling, but I have done more chatting with other artists and their spouses/partners than I have working.

The big news of the day is that next year's ACRE show (yes, we're already looking ahead to next year's show...) is the end of March instead of the end of April and it will be in a different hall which means new booth locations for everyone. Gulp. I went ahead and put my application in as I am already committed to doing the show (Elliott Metal Works and I are storing our booths together here after the show--including all the work--because shipping it back and forth one time would cost as much as a new booth) so I figured I might as well get my application in. The end of March is not good--it's only a month after the Buyer's Market next year. I would like them better spaced so I could get repeat orders from them instead of one or the other. But it is what it is.

The secret to getting orders (or at least retail inquiries) is to try to post. I've taken a couple more orders and need to get them all entered and scheduled before heading out to dinner with friends tonight. Ciao!


Bill said...

Where are you going to eat?

Licha said...

Glad you're finding time to chat, relax and enjoy the company of other artists'!

I want to tell you that your booth looks awesome! I love your new pedestals.


Reese said...

Eep! I tried to run when "red tags" approached. Thanks for sparing some time for me.

Best regards,
Spouse of an artist.