Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Visit to the Mouse

I'm in between beverages at the moment, but I am listening to "Tokyo Storm Warning" by Elvis Costello on iTunes as I blog and wait for our luggage to arrive (another song from this week's theme). Yes indeedy, we're visiting the Mouse! J is off at the Mad Hatter's tea party (no adults allowed), Dave and I are relaxing (and waiting for luggage), the vacation/work trip has begun.

There was a very exciting lead-up to the trip alluded to in the previous post and I will elaborate on the details while I wait. Friday afternoon I ordered my pedestals from Easy Pedestal on the marvelous Internet. Monday the purveyors of the aforementioned on-line establishment called to inform me my credit card did not go through. I was puzzled but figured it was just Chase being cautious at a large purchase over said Internet so I called them, confirmed the charge, and thought nothing more about it... till a couple of hours later I got a call from Ladybug Fashions in New York and the woman asked me if I had ordered 25 pairs of sneakers on the web on Saturday to be sent to Colorado... Uh, NO!, was my answer.

I called Chase back and it turns out that someone tried to buy from, Bed Bath and Beyond,, Ladybug, and several other websites on Saturday using my identity and business credit card. Chase had already declined much of it due to suspicion of fraud and the items that did initially go through were caught before they posted to the account. Two days before I am due to leave on a business trip/vacation I have to cancel my business credit card and get a new one. Chase overnighted the new card, we got it in time, the trip is saved! Souvenirs for everyone!

Now the tales of the day before leaving... Dave took J to Zoo camp and I rushed to get glass out of the kiln for two shipments--one to California, one to Pop Gallery in Disneyworld for an artist in the gallery weekend there (here) this weekend. I also met with Lee Ritchie, a local glassblower and Jessie's teacher's husband, and have a couple of buckets of System 96 scrap from him that I am going to experiment with for kiln-forming (this is post-hot-process glass scrap and who knows what's happened with compatibility--to shift or not to shift, that is the question--and contamination. Got the shipments out, a couple of slump loads in (pieces I took out of the kiln at 5:30 this morning and brought with me), met with another friend who is making a Ren Faire costume for J and reviewed patterns, got the tax papers all to the accountant, the notes written for the housesitter, the packing done... You know, when I wrote that I'd write about the day-before stuff I was thinking of a lot more and a lot more interesting recitation. Oh well--I'm tired, drained by the Mouse.

Today, Disneyworld Day 1. There was the tea party with the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland mentioned in the first paragraph for J, a pedicure for me, a walk for Dave, pool time and a nap for all. Then dinner at Narcoossee's at 9:00, the fireworks at 10:00, and now we're all ready to fall into our eyelids. Tomorrow, the Tragic, er, Magic Kingdom! (I've been hanging around Dave too long...)


maria said...

hmmm...funny...same thing happened to me recently with the card....scary!

Dee said...

i certainly hope easy pedestals looks into how someone got a customer's cc info!

you're gonna need a week to rest after you get home with the schedule you have! ;P

Bill said...

I've generally avoided the Magic Kingdom when we journey to Florida. However, we did go once, and it's just a larger version of California's Disneyland. I've always loved Epcot, though, and the Wild Kingdom is, IMHO, the world's best zoo.

Mindy & Stacy said...

um, I just heard 2 women came to blows on the teacup ride today. I hope you were not involved! :-)