Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Frog Legs

Coffee, many hours ago, was in the New Orleans mug, "Shakedown on 9th St." by Ryan Adams on iTunes. The shed is up, the last glass couriered to Elliott Metal Works by the most excellent Stacy for shipment to ACRE. I have almost finished choosing pedestals from Easy Pedestal for my ACRE display and I'll order them within the next hour. The taste of frog is heavy on my tongue.

The installation/construction of the shed from Tuff Shed (Home Depot contractors) today was a revelation. I had forgotten what it's like to get a bid from a contractor and have it done *exactly* as speced--no cost over runs, no time over runs, no hidden costs, no sloppy work, no lesser-quality job or materials, just done right, right on time. I'm so excited I think I might go back to Home Depot tomorrow and buy a picnic table for the backyard at the studio. Got to have an employee lunchroom doncha know (and they have really nice ones on sale right now). And speaking of the studio, I am putting in raspberries and blackberries along a fence by the new path. The fence is ugly (well not *ugly*, but it's just a wooden privacy fence) and the fruit will be enjoyed by all (I feel guilty now that I am depriving the squirrels of the new bamboo shoots).

Since that the shed is up, I need a ramp for it. All I want to do is garden and work in the yard and, guess what, I can do that this weekend! I am not firing! I am not working in the studio at all. Glass Incarnate will become Grass Incarnate, or Bamboo Incarnate, or Shrub and Flower Incarnate. Oh the possibilities...

In the meantime I have a couple more frogs to swallow before my work week ends.


Bill said...

Or maybe even Pond Incarnate. Or do you profess to the same prejudice that I have about you, David, and ponds?

Dee said...

and have you gotten rid of the taste of frog yet? if your weather down on your side of atlanta is like mine, planting is gonna be a wet & muddy project