Monday, April 28, 2008

ACRE in Vegas Day 3

No coffee--had a little, but this whole three-hour time change thing has really thrown me off the coffee, a woman placing an order with Elliott Metal next to me for my background music. Yawn. I need more coffee. Day 3 of ACRE started with a little rush and an order, and has now settled down to a mellow contemplative day. It has been a very good show for me. Only the end of the day will tell if it surpasses the February Buyer's Market Show, but it is closing in.

Last night I had dinner with friends Keith and Mike at Bradley Ogden in Caesar's--what an incredible meal! For sheer guts on the part of the chef (and on our part for ordering and eating it) the appetizer of frog's legs adorned with a stinging nettle espuma had to be the most extreme. I had halibut with meyer lemon gnocci and a citrus vinaigrette, Mike had lobster and potato pirogies, and we all shared a Maytag blue cheese souffle. Dinner was a decadent symphony of chocolate cream puffs rice pudding and sorbet (it was more decadent than it sounds).

It's getting busy, got to run.


ren said...

i am down with all of that except possibly "stinging nettle espuma". stinging nettle is good for allergies but despite the fact that i know "espuma" is sounds nasty. i am glad it was good though!

Bill said...

I've heard that stinging nettles make good soup, so I can see where it would make foam.

Good luck at making your goal!

Brenda Griffith said...

The foam was... foamy--not too much flavor. The frogs legs tasted like alligator--which makes weird sense when you think about it. It's a soft, sweet, greasy meat--like goose or duck but not as chewy.