Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Day of the Contractor

Coffee is a mocha in a... blue NJ (for New Jersey) & IBM "Perfect Together" mug... What's THAT all about? Music is some young punky sounding guy going la la la la la. Dave says it's the New Pornographers--he's looking up the name of the song on his iTouch as I continue typing. Ah, it's "Broken Breads". He is annoyed that I asked now as he had been waiting for me to ask on a previous song and he was prepared to reply, "Why Brenda, this is "Jackie Dressed in Cobras" by the New Pornographers." Smug Spouse to Disgruntled Spouse all in a matter of minutes. Heh. As Dave is with me and the mug is... heinous... I must be at Kavarna! And I am.

Today I update the website in preparation for ACRE. I also work on my price lists (lots of new pieces to add) for the show and a file of pictures (again? still?) to have on a cd/in a printed catalog. (Ooh, Kavarna has good music this morning: "Fake Empire" by the National just came on. The music almost makes up for the high speed ceiling fans freezing me out. Don't they know it's cold out there this morning?)

While I am computing, much is happening at the studio. Dan the carpenter is rebuilding the cardboard box storage in the shipping room, finishing the ramp for the new shed, and starting to screen in the front porch today. Stacy and Dan's helper are moving two cases of glass from the shipping room to the shed and as much glass from the basement to the shed and the coldroom as they can while Dan buys materials at Home Depot. Then the three of them are all moving the sandblast cabinet, the compressor and the vacuum out to the shed too. Brian the electrician has already wired it for the equipment, and moving this little-used equipment out of the mudroom (making it the little-kilns-and-more room) creates room for the vitrigraph kiln, or molds, or both!

The manager of the autobody shop across the street from the studio tried to rent it from me today. He is looking to move in closer with his wife and three kids. I think the studio would be a bit small for them, and, besides, it's a glass studio--not a house. But he didn't want to listen, he kept asking me "How much?". Nice to know I have options if this glass thing doesn't work out.

Now off to Google Map and write-up a story about Hoypoloi and Pop for the website. Got to, got to, got to get the catalog piece working before ACRE!

PS--The fence between the studio and the house is down and the bamboo is shooting! I managed to get a lot of the shoots tagged orange and covered in sticky squirrel-deterrent yesterday, and I hired a guy from down the block to finish the job up today. Take That you pesky grey rats! (Thanks to Solarider for the squirrel pic.)


Bill said...

Maybe you could rent the neighbor your squirrels?

becky said...

and the theme of the last week's songs? You could give me a year and I wouldn't get it ... But I would like to know.
By the way Vegas is just about the right temperature at the moment unless getting out of a pool.

Jodi said...

I haven't been around to comment much lately, but I have to say...I LOVE this squirrel photo! Very cute!

solar said...

> Thanks to Solarider for the squirrel
> pic.)

My pleasure :)