Friday, April 11, 2008

Disney Day 3

Just finished a glass of BR Cohn '06 cab with dinner, now back in the room weighing the benefits of a glass of chardonnay, "Heels of the Wind" by Elton John is on iTunes (for those trying to keep up with the week's theme). I think the chard will have to wait till tomorrow with our cheese plates (dessert from our Disney dining plan from tonight) watching the fireworks. Right now, after a full day at Typhoon Lagoon, I am exhausted. And I need to drink a couple more bottles of water before bed to replace what the sun took today. Today the closest I came to glass was getting my order in with Bullseye. It's amazing how fast I am running through the stuff... well, maybe not. I have been shipping a lot out too, and the pieces are getting bigger and bigger. Now off to bed. Tomorrow, an evening in the gallery at Pop! (And Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba).

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Bill said...

Cirque is very cool, each show I've ever seen. I look forward to pursuing La Nouba when we get to Orlando next.