Monday, October 22, 2007

What's In YOUR Wallet?

Coffee in the Austin skyline mug, "California Dreamin' " by the Mamas and the Papas on iTunes. The sky's drizzling and grey. The Sprout is having a bad hair day. (Her: "Is it curving front all the way?" Me: "No." Her: "I hate myself!") It's Monday.

Monday follows Sunday when I discovered that Capital One Visa (slogan, "What's In Your Wallet?"--I'll tell you, nothing thanks to you thieving pirates!) raised the interest rate on my card from 8.9% to 28.15% because I missed my payment in June. Nevermind that I made three payments in May and two in July (archaic system won't let you schedule a payment--it's the day you go on-line or nothing. Someone needs to drag them kicking and screaming into the year of the fruitbat!). This morning I am scrambling to get all my business automatic charges (booth fees for upcoming shows, etc.,) moved to a new business card and to get my "rewards" from Cap One before terminating their a**es.

The glass from Bullseye was delivered before 9:00 without a hitch from Roadway. Oh I am loving the new studio! The only cloud on the horizon is the possibility that someone will buy the lot next door that Roadway drives across to get to my delivery gate. Not too likely as the price is way over-inflated and it's across a busy street from a sprawling autobody place--not somewhere one would put either a new mini-mansion or upscale retail. But I have to be prepared for the day my bubble will burst.

After a weekend of painting I know exactly where my lats and delts and all the other back (and arm!) muscles are. Oy. Dave and I were both moving like old people by yesterday. While the end is not yet in sight, I know it's just over the horizon (and then the moving can begin...). And yet it was a GOOD weekend.

Today, do a little glass, move a little paper, get down with my paint self. (Call everyone who is past due on their invoices--c'mon people, I have bills too and I like to pay them ON TIME).


Bill Paley said...

Time to go soak in a hottub.

And I'm not suggesting that you go soak your head.

Brenda Griffith said...

LOL! I am a shower person, but I did have a long soak in really hot water, epsom salts (I am SUCH an old person!) and a little L'Occitane vanilla bubble bath.