Monday, October 29, 2007

Painter's Progess 2

Coffee in the Starbucks go-cup, pre-meeting chatter for music. It's Monday morning PTA. I snarf a plain bagel, sip coffee and surreptitiously type while waiting for the meeting to begin. After the meeting I run to Ikebana. At the end of the day (4:00 pm) I pick the J up from school and take her to CNN to trick-or-treat. In between the Mom stuff I have to buy the new shelving at Sam's Club and finish painting the office and the kiln room floor. This is another time and space continuum kind of day.


And yet, it is 12:16, I am back home with six shelving units, a gorgeous single material Asiatic lily arrangement to reconstruct from ikebana, and more tombstones for the front yard. (I find I have a perverse fondness for the big, black plastic tombstone Halloween decoration and Sam's Club has what my kind need.) Looks like painting will happen--as soon as I unload the six shelving units weighing around 65 lbs apiece...

Tomorrow, the first post-painting pictures. Anything to put off the actual move.


Bill Paley said...

What, there's no starving teenagers in your neighborhood that you could entice to move your stuff?

Dee said...

i think i need a 'splanation of ikebana ;)