Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Politics R NOT Us

Coffee in the New York skyline mug, "In Without Knocking" by Mission Mountain Woodband on iTunes. Remember high school? I've just discovered it's life and woken up screaming. All the petty 'he said, she said' that we (some of us) fool ourselves into thinking we leave behind with high school lays in wait ready to combust every day. And, boy howdy, a blog is the perfect tinder for it. Every day when I sit down here to write it's a balance between honesty and better-left-unsaid. But the blog is a reflection of the person, and I'm a pretty in-your-face person so my definition of honesty still ventures occasionally into the realm angels fear to tread. Yesterday manifested a little dust-up that made it crystal clear that I do not have a future in politics or school governance. My foray into the PTA will begin and end with felt fish and no one will get hurt or go to jail (not that the current issue has anything to do with J's school or the PTA).

The book has gone back to pre-order status on Amazon! How weird, what does it mean? Did they sell out of their first shipment (looks like) and, because it's still officially before the release, go back to pre-order status? If anyone gets a copy from Amazon, please let me know. Yes Ren, I would be HAPPY to sign your book for you! I didn't make it to Border's or B&N to see if it's there yet. Hey, I have an idea! Free signed copy to the first person who sends me a pic of it out in the world either in a bookstore or from Amazon. :-)

"Georgia Power, a Southern Company". I said to a friend yesterday that the people of the south should rise up and beat them with sticks for smearing the southern reputation so badly by using that slogan. He said it's not just a slogan, it's really their name. Three different people yesterday, three different tunes. At least by the end of the day they were singing in loose harmony--of course I still won't have electricity till the end of the week and it's kind of hard to paint in the evenings without lights. I'm already on tenterhooks to see how badly I have muffed the gallery walls by painting them with only the light from dim windows. When 1000 watts of light goes up in there every single flaw in the painting will glare.

If you want potted plants on your deck in the fall and you live in a squirrel-infested neighborhood either plant geraniums or get a spaniel. The squirrels have run rampant in my potted plants (the ones that mostly died while I was at the BMAC in August but sort of came back when we got rain) this fall, knocking many of the pots to the deck and smashing them to shards. The geraniums, however, they avoid. I am guessing because of the smell, and I bet mums would be the same. The weather is nice and cool though so I'm just leaving the back door open and every time a squirrel evens THINKS about playing on our deck Baxter the wonder spaniel is out the door gums and ears flapping.

Have I mentioned glass yet? No? Not surprising. The last fuse load before the move goes in today, but I've decided to paint in the morning today to see if I can get more done than yesterday. Off to don the paint clothes.


Bill Paley said...

You're going to paint clothing on yourself? Wow.

Brenda Griffith said...
Oh My.

Dee said...

okayyyyy that site can entertain the men in our household for a while ;P ahhh something that baxter is good at besides annoying seraph. go baxter, git them squirrels! ;)

and yes, 1000 watts will certainly show up each and every oops in the painting.

what's the verdict on the termites?

Dee said...

i probably should have warned you that pta's tend to be hotbeds of politics and clicks ;P not a fun thing ;P something i ended up avoiding the entire school career of caroline.

Brenda Griffith said...

It was actually a glass political issue--truly nothing to do with J's school at all. But it did underscore that you absolutely have to be prepared for EVERYONE to know what you put on the wonderful Interweb because, hey, IT'S IN WRITING, like, on a wall or something.

Dee said...

LOL oh yeah, once it's out there IN WRITING it can take on a life of it's own! glad the pta isn't driving you completely crazy.

so, are you electrified yet in the new studio?