Saturday, October 20, 2007

Flog That Book!

Wasn't going to post today (and still not using the usual format--I'm not telling what coffee mug I'm using), but I got the following in an email from this morning and it made my day!

Oh yes, and the news from yesterday: LET THERE BE LIGHT! The studio DOES have electricity and DOES NOT have termites. Good and Gooder.


Bill Paley said...

Or else you stepped on all the termites in the dark and killed them all before anyone could see them.

Dee said...

YEAH!!! light and NO BUGS!!! ;) and hopefully the mud due to our sprinkling of rain doesn't get tracked all over the new studio by the delivery people today when the glass gets here ! ;)

Brenda Griffith said...

Sadly the glass was not wheeled up the new ramp as the concrete doesn't extend far enough to the drive and the pallet jack wheels won't run on dirt at all. So the glass sits on its pallets in the rain. I'll cover it with plastic and hand-carry it in later... more of a workout for the already strained muscles!

bill paley said...

Time to extend the concrete, says I.