Thursday, October 25, 2007

Paint the Plumber?

Coffee in the Alaska skyline mug, "Rest For the Weary" by Marc Cohn on iTunes. It was iTunes' random choice. Really. I get a break in the monotony of painting today. Helmut the plumber is coming to move the big three-bin steel restaurant sink and the lapgrinder into the new studio. Well, he might not actually move the lapgrinder with me as he is a plumber, not a mover, but he'll run the water line for it.

Yesterday saw the first of the final decorative paint coats down. I got two walls of the coldworking room (previously the kitchen) done. Had to so Helmut could move the sink. Today sees the rest of the coldworking room and the final wall coat in the kiln room (and all the persnickety trim). I might get to the kiln room floor. That would be a real bonus. But it's Thursday which means gymnastics and ballet for the J so I have to end at 3:00. Well, I won't really "end" (I'm sure there was a collective sigh of relief there). I'll just put down paint brushes and rollers and the rest of the paraphernalia and maybe clean it all. Why is it that the cleaning prep and post takes more time than the painting and I don't even mask off?? I suppose if I didn't purify every roller, brush and tray it would take less time (and water--you're bound to waste one way or the other).

It was tempting to post a picture of the papers I shuffled into neat little manila folders yesterday and filed in a cardboard box. The breakfast room (the current office since the real office is filled with so many piles of papers you can't see the desk) is tidy again. Huzzah. Now to order my metal, ship my last shipment till 11/1 and maybe get to painting before 9:00 (ugh).

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Bill Paley said...

Don't forget to paint a target on the roof.