Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Moving Days of Our Lives

Coffee in the Washington D.C mug, hold music from U-Haul instead of iTunes. Yep, staring down the barrel of moving day. It looks to be a long hold. Of course it is 10/30--I couldn't move mid-month in an off-month. Now I've made a reservation and within an hour a rep will call to tell me where I can pick up my truck... I will not be a pessimist. I will not be a pessimist. I will not be a pessimist--this WILL all work out. (How? I don't know. It's a mystery*.)

Today is the last major paint day before the move, and the office and kiln room must be finished. The shipping room is up in the air. I had the most ambitious plans of all for painting it, but that was before I took down half of one wall and patched it. The new plaster still hadn't dried by Sunday so I couldn't even prime it then. No painting at all got done yesterday**, so the room barely qualifies as a work-in-progress. I may have to punt to something easy for in there.


An hour or so has passed now and since I said everything will work out... The furnace and air man called, I can fire up the furnace (after shop-vaccing the ducts as best I can). The electrician will wire the air conditioner tonight and the furnace and air man will test it and run over the furnace again (now that the electricity and gas are on) on Friday. I pick up Dave at 4:15 from work today and then pick up a UHaul truck around the corner from Dave's work at 4:30. Tomorrow at 8:30 am the carpenter is showing up with two helpers to disassemble and move the big parts of the studio (Big Bertha, the work table, the frit storage, etc.). The helpers will also move boxes of stuff across the wilds of the back yard. So now I have to get over there and GET PAINTING! Pics and more... later in the week.

*I started to write the quote from Shakespeare in Love here, but I think I'm just going to morph it into the Siyeh Studio motto:

"Allow me to explain about my business. The natural condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster. So what do we do? Nothing. Strangely enough, it all turns out well. How? I don't know. It's a mystery."

**Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away... At 12:15 yesterday I had a miraculous gift of time: I finished all the morning's tasks actually in the morning (how often does THAT happen?) and thought I might get a good chunk of painting done in the afternoon. ROFLOL. The time went... somewhere, and I headed off to get the Sprout at school for trick-or-treating at Turner Broadcasting. We got home exhausted (but happy) with hot pizza about 7:45 and everyone was in bed subsequently.


Bill Paley said...

Mysteries abound in your life...

ren said...

hey, guess what is sitting on my desk right now...besides all that work i have to do...

KILN-FORMED GLASS (the book) by Brenda Griffith!!