Friday, September 08, 2017

How Many Times Can I Cheat?!?

The bride, the groom, the granddaughter,
the eve of the wedding.
I should feel bad about cheating for the second day in a row and posting the day after the real day, but I don't. Family first, documenting second. Yesterday (today for the purposes of this post) was the rehearsal dinner for the wedding of my most beloved uncle to his fiancée and longtime partner Susan. We ate lovely BBQ in a barn that was never used as a barn, and we re-learned to square dance. I haven't square danced since 7th grade, and I'll tell you I allemanded left and dosie-doed with the best of them--as did my exceedingly adventurous and supportive spouse. It was smokey, it was grey, but we celebrated life and love nonetheless. Tomorrow , the wedding!

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Bill said...

I need a .gif of Dave square dancing. Yes I do.