Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Back to Textiles

It was a short work-week. First there was Labor Day, now tomorrow we're heading off to Montana for a long-anticipated family wedding. It's 10:30 now, and all I have left to do is pack. Considering I have more stuff in Montana that I want to bring back to Austin from the summer than I want to take for the next four days I'm guessing packing will be pretty easy. I made Dave a new shirt to wear to the wedding today, and I was finished by 6:30 pm. I can't remember a trip when I was done with everything but packing by 6:30 the evening before departure. It's weird--I hardly know what to so with myself! Guess I'll enjoy the peach hookah and post!

The shirt. Let's talk about spending the day in the fiber studio again. It was wonderful! I even sold my LeClerc 60" loom yesterday. The woman who bought it can't take delivery until October so it's going to stay crowded in the studio till then, but I can squint and see a time when I will have room to weave and sew in there without having to wend my way through narrow passage ways around the various equipment. Fall is my favorite fiber time too. There is something about the weather taking a turn for the cooler (a relative term here in Texas) that makes me want to bury my hands in textiles. Spinzilla is coming up in October, then NaKniSweMo in November (national knit a sweater month)--both of which will be dedicated to the twist coat I am making myself this year. Last year's project was Dave's sweater (an enormous garment now known as the Bolt--a reference from Neal Stephenson's book Anathem). But today I made a shirt. My goal is to replace all of his current shirts (mostly made over 14 years ago) and to take the old shirts and make them into a quilt and rag rugs for the bedroom and kitchen. A little sewing, a little weaving, a lot of spinning and knitting... Oh the fall is going to be glorious!!

Now off to pack.

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Bill said...

I bet he'll look glorious!