Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sharks Off An Island

We're on an island, we've been  diving, and Jessie has us watching the movie "The Shallows". Guess what it's about? A shark. Off an island where the native language is Spanish. The shark is eating lots of people. Because someone speared it in the mouth and it wants revenge. Or because the people are in the water with the dead whale it's eating. Even though I am not sure why none of the surfers saw the dead whale, I am managing to be terrified.

We had two nice dives this morning, but the weather is changing (and we're old) so we're not diving tomorrow. Besides, we need to spend some time with the child and she has absolutely no interest in going diving. With or without sharks.

Because we're in paradise, and I am back to being a sloth again, I've spent enough time on the computer today and am going to go read or knit or something relaxing. No more sharks.

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Bill said...

You have limited time in which to emulate the tree-dweller, so you'd best get to it.