Saturday, March 18, 2017

I Think We Need a Monkey

What an incredible day! I have lots to write about it--especially about the true animal-friendliness of the places we visited today, but I'm just too tired tonight. Tomorrow will be a great day to put it all down. We visited sanctuaries and a butterfly garden, and had a lovely driving tour of the island with Arnold. There were sloths, macaws, monkeys, parrots, a kinkajou, tiny white-tailed deer, and iguanas.

On the home front, Baxter got his hip put back in and the doctor thinks he'll do much better this time than last time: the hip went in easier, and they are using a better sling. Zaga is an excellent nurse.

Now I need to go sleep. I leave with a video of Dave and the baby capuchin.

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Bill said...

Yay for Baxter!